Vegan Çiftlik

Vegan Çiftlik is located in İzmir Foça. 

We thought and realized this place for us, for our friends we care for and for our guests who visit us, as a place free from all kinds of discrimination.

We do vegan and ecological agriculture, taking care not to harm the soil and the people living in it. We produce olives, olive oil, pomegranate syrup, figs, and grapes for wine. We also grow vegetables and fruits in our small garden to use in our own kitchen.

We live here with around 200 chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and dogs.

The animal and human shelters of the Vegan Çiftlik are built with ecological principles. In the buildings where we use the adobe and sack house technique, we used waste materials as well as natural materials.

Our guests, who come to work voluntarily, take care of animals with us, experience ecological agriculture, and participate in the construction of shelters using traditional techniques.

In addition, in the camps we organize from time to time, where the division of labor and solidarity are essential, our guests have the opportunity to come together in large numbers and have a holiday.

We are waiting for you at Vegan Çiftlik to work, experience new things, and relax.’da Blog Oluşturun.