About us…

Vegan Çiftlik is not a tourist resort or a camping business; It is the home of people, birds, dogs and the natural owner of the land, its properties and influences. For this reason, we want the guests coming to the farm to see the characteristics of this place as the individuals. We are waiting for all the creatures living on the farm to be beautiful.

Try to focus on the comfort that can be offered until the end of the farm. We hope to expect a new and enjoyable experience for those who are not used to camping in this situation.

Accepting cats and dogs for the safety of the birds that are the inhabitants of the farm.

Accommodation is done in tents. All hosts are required to come with their tents and also to bring with them non-one-piece consumables such as forks, knives, spoons and glasses.

The use of all kinds of products such as soap, shampoo, detergent for which ecological data has not been produced in the land is not accepted due to the fact that the land is agricultural land and it will create data.

To use a dry toilet for ecological reasons. You can watch the presentation for dry toilet details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqsEedaAoWk

When the amount of water is limited, it is extremely important to be thrifty about the use of the shower.

It is essential that non-vegans are not brought/used on the Vegan Farm land. Things like shoes, cigarettes, jewelry are no exception to this principle.

The use of cigarette brands that do not test on animals or the use of open tobacco and the risk of cigarette consumption should be together with the areas where the risk of fire and the risks of consuming animals living in the field by mistaking them for food should be taken into consideration.

Breakfast, dinner and drinking water will be taken by Vegan Çiftlik. However, preparations such as preparation, service, cleaning, division of labor and cooperation are essential.

Speciesism, racism, sexism, LGBTI+ phobia, ableism, ageism, body negativism and all kinds of discrimination have no place on the Vegan Çiftlik. However, being a perpetrator without preserving the houses, establishing these provisions from house to house, criticizing in some way and responding to criticism in a positive way will be beneficial in terms of ensuring the safety and security of the camp.

Apart from the rules of the Vegan Çiftlik settlement area, we wish to create a group agreement for the common living rules that may be needed to reach the camp, to organize and realize the workshops and shops in an autonomous way.

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